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This is the homepage for Peter and Janet Vialls, an inveterate pair of rolegamers;

the proud ownees of a cat and two children; an amateur artist (traditional and

computer-generated - see my gallery!) and astronomer (Janet) and fantasy author (Peter).

Enter at your peril!

Last update: 25th October 2012

All the pictures are original artwork (c) Janet Vialls 2012, except as

otherwise noted. Readers are welcome to use artwork for non-commercial

purposes; e-mail Janet for good quality scanned images as JPEGs or GIFs,

as desired. (Anyone wanting to use any artwork commercially

please e-mail me now now now!!)

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E-mail Janet@mhorann.demon.co.uk or Peter@mhorann.demon.co.uk

Our commercial webpage, Mhorann Games, is here.

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