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Last Update 1/2/99

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My telescopes

Meade Starfinder 10"

The picture shows my 10" Meade Starfinder Equatorial Newtonian reflector. Okay, it's not high tech, but it gave me the best aperture for my money.

Lizzie with Voyager

I also have a SCS Astro Voyager 90mm (3.5") refractor, purchased because the Meade was too big for me to handle in the later stages of pregnancy with Mark. I fancied an ETX, but the waiting time for one was 6-8 months, which rather spoiled the object of the exercise! For its price, the Voyager seems to be an excellent scope. The Starfinder has excellent optics, and performs superbly when accurately collimated. However, this required me to purchase the Tetron Collimating Kit; in particular, the Cheshire eyepiece is a permanent part of my observing kit, since I nearly always have to adjust the scope before I start observing.

Lizzie with the Voyager - the next Heather Couper?

I also use 7x50 binoculars.

I hope to update these pages more frequently from now onwards, depending on the number of clear nights and what I see.

My Sky

Generally pretty good for the UK. The Milky Way is usually visible, and can be striking in Summer. By moving the scope between two different sites, I can see most of the sky apart from low in the South-East.

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