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Welcome to my figures pages. Here you will find a selection of images of figures I have painted, mostly for use in role-playing games. I've been buying and painting figures for something over twenty years, and as you might expect, I now have a large collection totalling over 3,000 figures. These are mostly swords and sorcery type fantasy, but also include a number of science fiction (including Star Wars and Doctor Who), as well as a few historicals and figures for Call of Cthullu. I have also developed some rather strong likes and dislikes when it comes to figures.

Newbold World
28/3/06 Updated format
28/3/06 Foundry Gall;
Reaper Gall;
Specials Gall.

Over the years I have used various paints and brushes - I actually started painting using Humbrol enamels, before acrylics had become the standard. I have recently started using Vallejo Game Colour. I love the pigment strength for thin washes, but it's a pity they feel the need to use GW-style revolting/silly names. Also, if the figure is going to be handled, it is essential to apply 2 or 3 coats of varnish, otherwise the paint quickly becomes damaged. In fact, for gaming figures, I have always done this anyway. For brushes I am currently using Foundry brushes for large to medium-small details, with Winsor and Newton Sceptre Gold 0000 for finer details. For the finest detail, I use EM-4 10-0 brushes. I am reasonably happy with these, but I am always looking for something better.

The galleries show some of the figures themselves.

One thing I have learned since deciding to put my figures on the web; a figure can look great on the gaming table, but blow it up to 3or 4 times life size in a photo and every flaw shows! Some of the figures in my gallery were just selected from my collection, others have been painted with with photography in mind. I shall leave it as an exercise for the viewer to decide which are which!

For the reasons why I paint and sculpt as I do, try the Philosophy section.

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