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For some years I have been painting, drawing, scribbling and so forth, with conventional art materials. I have even produced one or two pictures which I am rather proud of. A number are shown in the traditional art gallery. Sometime in 2002 I acquired Poser 3 from a magazine cover disk, and found it useful as an electronic mannequin, but never took it further than that.

In May 2006 I was browsing Amazon, looking for a birthday present for myself, and realised that Poser had reached version 6. I had seen Poser 4 pictures on the web, and frankly not been desperately impressed - it seemed to be very good at producing pictures of shop-window dummies, rather than people. The emphasis also seemed to be on buying the figures, buying the clothing, putting them together and producing an image. You could always spot a Poser image instantly. When I explored Poser 6, however, and downloaded the demo version, I realised that there were now more possibilities. I ended up buying it, along with a modelling program (Shade 8) and Vue Easel (for building landscapes). The Poser gallery contains the fruits of my efforts so far since June 06.

Is this art? Well, as far as possible, I am creating my own clothing etc (although all the pictures at present contain a significant number of elements from commercial and freeware sites, in particular from PoserWorld). At the moment I cannot see me ever being able to create a believable human figure of my own, but you never know. I am composing the scenes, morphing figures to create characters and posing them, organising the lighting effects and often creating the surface materials, in order to create the overall image that I had in mind. Since June 2006 it would be true to say I have been converted to Poser!

I heard on the news today (15-10-06) that the Tate Gallery in London has just paid £30,000 for a till receipt for kitchen equipment, as a piece of "art". I leave it as an exercise for the reader to decide which is more deserving of the term "art" - a till receipt or my Poser efforts!


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