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A typical player character, trying to explain rolegaming to his player In a roleplaying game, you play the heroes (often called Player Characters, or PCs) in a fictional series of adventures devised by a Game-Master (or GM). These adventures take place in a fictional world such as Mhorann. The GM starts each session with a plot-outline, but the other players decide what actions their characters do.
Dice Whether they succeed or not depends on the roll of dice; each player knows the skills and abilities of his or her PC, and can say how likely he or she is to succeed in his or her aim.
A typical player character, trying to explain rolegaming to his player
The GM and ultimately the dice then decide if an action succeeds. The PCs can then react, choosing what to do depending on the outcome of each die roll. 'Can't we talk about this?'
Effectively, the game is a form of improvisional theatre crossed with "cops and robbers"; it gives the players the chance to live out the roles of their player characters, and to pit their wits and their abilities against all their game world can throw at them.....
"Can't we talk about this?"
RPGs can be set anywhere in time and space.... It does not involve dressing up or actual acting (roleplayers who want such excitement - not to mention hitting each other with rubber swords - play LARP, or Live Action Roleplaying. Poor fools). Nor is it a conflict between GM and players; the GM's task is to get the PCs into interesting situations for them to extricate themselves from!
Rolegames can be set anywhere in time and space......


Lady Tivonel, the vampire; compare with the picture under Old Campaigns
Coril; a running villain


A street-rat, Arden, and a Mhorannese priest of Llyr, Garth, have learned that Azalin, an ancient (probably undead) ruler of the region called Moradin is stretching out his influence to spread evil across the land.
Coril: a running villain Lady Tivonel, the vampire: compare her with the picture below.....
Arden & Garth, in sacrificial robes, battle a 'goddess'. They are trying to find a way to oppose him by summoning a wraith, Van Richter, to stand against Azalin. In the process, they have fallen foul of a crooked merchant, Langdane, and have had to cross a dangerous badland to visit the city of Baldur's Gate to find an old painting.
They have also crossed swords with Coril, a chosen warrior of Garulek (a God of fascism and general nastiness who is regularly worshipped by villains), who also seeks to summon Van Richter, for political gain in the neighbouring region of Zherisia.
Arden and Garth, in sacrificial robes, battle a "goddess".

The 'Queen Essaline'


Far across the ocean, Andrus Meldragor and his sister Rethan left their land of Zassapur.

They sailed in the Queen Essaline (shown left), following a vision about a wound in the ocean, to seek their ancient home, Zassall, reputedly destroyed by fell sorcery.

After adventures in the island Empire of Ath-Kathla, they finally reached Zassall, to find that it was in thrall to an ancient spirit, Kalish, which is now seeking to become a God. Kalish's means to this end is the draining of life-energy from the people living in Zassall. Andrus and Rethan are seeking to weaken Kalish, by destroying its 9 undead lieutenants from which Kalish draws the life energy. A dragon trapped in 'amber'; another victim of Kalish

This campaign was GMed by Janet, and Peter was the only player. The Halvay campaign was the exact opposite!

Calvis: the priest whose vision led to this campaign
Calviss, the NPC priest whose vision led the PCs into this campaign. A dragon trapped in "amber" - another victim of Kalish

So far, they have destroyed 6; the toughest 3 remain. If they can be destroyed, too, then Andrus and Rethan and their small band of idiots - sorry, heroes - face the greatest challenge - Kalish itself.....

We find these one-on-one campaigns can be very satisfying; we both know our world extremely well, and can play upon that knowledge in writing scenarios for each other. It also gets round the thorny real-world problem of finding enough players with time and energy (and without commitments) to join games!

An old map of the campaign world; don't try navigating by this now!

Menethor: A paladin and his comrades explored the East Marches and fought monsters. A typical university monster-bashing campaign.

Haelva: A ranger led a quest to find a shattered magical item, which would protect elves against a magical assault. An off-shoot of Menethor and co, also at university, but developing the world much more.

Haelva: an old picture
An old map of the campaign world; don't try navigating by this now! Haelva: an old picture.
The Weeping Unicorn; the symbol of Vorsse, crying to indicate its despair Arkadia in civies (old picture)

Arkadia 1: Another paladin explored an ancient ruin under a lake. A traditional dungeonbash to introduce a new player - Janet!

The Drow; the ultimate villains
The symbol of Vorsse, weeping to show its despair at Mathaarn's rule - the symbol of the resistance. Arkadia in civvies - another old picture. The Drow: the ultimate villains....

Varan: Yet another paladin led a political conflict against Mathaarn, the despotic ruler of the island of Vorsse. Janet's first major effort at GMing, and very impressive, too (says Peter).

Arkadia 2: A conflict with an evil cult and a clutch of demons, which involved considerable politicking (Arkadia married a political envoy for the local ruler) and a lot of character interaction. A more interesting campaign as the characters developed and grew.

The Twilight Campaign: A long (but paladin-free!) struggle to prevent the drow extinguishing the sun. Peter's first major post-university campaign.

Mariel the troubadour

Barrowdown: a troubadour and her friends try to evade trouble with Mhorannese nobles.A short but entertaining campaign run by Janet, with madcap antics and no end of bizarre nobles.

Tiv & Gondie (& Wolf) - a sketch by Tom Mosedale (Gondebas)
Mariel the troubadour Tivonel and Gondebas ( and a companion, Wolf) - a sketch by Tom Mosedale (who played Gondebas).

Jirel A young warrior becomes involved in the secession of Naralay from the Mhorannese Empire. She went on to face the Crimson, a bandit force in the Catharlach, and oppose their dark secret.

Jirel, wearing the amulet that finally revealed her true identity

Halvay 1: A sorceress, Tivonel, and a half-orc iron-smith/priest, Gondebas, oppose the vampires and wraiths of Moradin.

The direct precursor to the current Halvay campaign, which arose because of the disastrous failure of the first set of PCs to deal with the undead of Moradin. The new campaign is set 100 years later; Tivonel is as young and beautiful as ever (so long as she stays out of the sun....).

The Tanassa Campaign: Haelva came out of retirement to oppose a returning evil and its man-rat warriors as they sought to take over the island of Tanassa.

Jirel, wearing the amulet that finally revealed her true identity.

She finally solved the mystery of her own identity, and faced her noble family to regain her inheritance.The most sophisticated and complex campaign to date; it lasted five years, real-time, and as many game-time, with a cast of hundreds of significant characters..

The set may be made of cassette boxes, but if it's good enough for the BBC.....


Not all our gaming is focussed on Mhorann. We have also run games based on a superhero setting, a successful Star Wars campaign, two Doctor Who campaigns, a Space 1889 campaign and a 60s spy campaign.
The set may be made of cassette boxes, but if it's good enough for the BBC....
This latter involved a criminal organisation, Parallax.
Rissa, Dylan and Julia, three agents of The
Department, a specialist English intelligent group,
investigated Parallax. They discovered that it was
actually a paratime-crossing criminal organisation
that was stealing from a multitude of parallel
universes to gain luxuries for their own parallel,
known as Prime.
A parashuttle.
A parafey rockstar, lead singer in the group Revelation The three agents were recruited by the Paratime Police to help
oppose Parallax. After adventures on a couple of parallels, the
PCs came to the conclusion that the Paratime Police were a bunch
of arrogant, incompetent idiots. The three agents therefore went
rogue, operating independently in the hopes that on their own
they coluld be more effective against Parallax.
A parafey rockstar, lead singer in the group Revelation.

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