Sorrel in Scarlet and Sorrel Snowbound are copyright 2013 Peter Vialls

A set of fantasy novels by Peter Vialls Sorrel in Scarlet

The first book in the Sorrel trilogy.

Wrack blew Sorrel out of the sky. Her triplane tumbled more than two miles down into the abyss that her people called the Chasm. No one had returned from the depths in the thousand years since the elf-lloruk war tore the world asunder. Now Sorrel finds herself in the hot, impossible red jungle at the Chasm's base.

There are people down here. People struggling to survive a savage war with the graalur, creatures only described in stories and myths on the surface. Sorrel has no prospect of building a new aeroplane to return to her world she is trapped in the primitive, violent depths.

Worse still, she finds that she is bound inextricably to Wrack, the monster who had pursued her down here and is now trapped too.

Against them are nightmares they had believed were gone for good...

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