Sorrel in Scarlet and Sorrel Snowbound are copyright 2013 Peter Vialls

A set of fantasy novels by Peter Vialls Sorrel in Scarlet

The second book in the Sorrel trilogy.

Beware: this page contains spoilers if you

haven't read Sorrel in Scarlet!

<and if you haven't read it, why not? Sorrel in Scarlet is a good book!>

The second book starts shortly after the end of Sorrel in Scarlet. Sorrel and Wrack are working with the humans of the Chasm against the lloruk and their graalur soldiers. But while defending the neighbouring city from attack Wrack is captured by the lloruk.

The serpent-mages send a message to Sorrel, demanding that she hand herself over to them at their city of Luthvara, or they will kill Wrack. Sorrel has no doubt that she and Wrack will not survive for long if she does so, unless she has some kind of advantage the lloruk do not expect. Which means something from the surface that the lloruk have never seen.

Climbing the two-mile high wall of the Chasm will be a challenge.

And once on the surface Sorrel will be a wanted criminal. The dragons who rule the surface are cruel and ruthless – and they want her dead. Going home could be the most dangerous thing she has ever done...

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